+++ Jan 10 - Jan 13. 2012 Hudson Audio, Art Audio,and Blumenhofer Acoustics will be exhibiting in Las Vegas at the Flamingo January 10th thru January 13th 2012. We will feature new products form Art Audio, Blumenhofer Acoustics and Audiopath Cables. Please join us there.

+++ Oct 17. 2011 It has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding the Art Audio product line and its distribution here in North America. To clear things up I would like to say that all Art Audio products are designed and manufactured in the UK by Tom Willis, except for the Vinyl Ref phono which was designed and manufactured by K&K Audio. Hudson Audio Imports is the distributor and service center for all these products, including the ones sold by the previous importer in the past. All original replacement parts will be supplied by Hudson Audio Imports. Joe Fratus, under the name of Art Audio USA, will not be able to obtain these parts for servicing any of the units that were previously sold under the name Art Audio USA. All service and support for any products that have the Art Audio logo will be handled by Hudson Audio Imports here in New Jersey. For any questions regarding any products that have the Art Audio name and logo please direct them to either Tom Hills of Hudson Audio Imports or Tom Willis of Art Audio UK.

+++ Aug 1. 2011 We would like to announce that starting August 1, 2011 Hudson Audio Imports is taking over the distribution of the British manufacturer Art Audio. We plan to continue with the current product line and also bring in some new products that were previously unavailable. We are also a service center and will be servicing Art Audio along with our other brands.

+++ Jan 8-11. 2009 Hudson Audio will be exhibiting with Art Audio at T.H.E Show in Las Vegas Jan. 8th thru 11th 2009. Located in room 1302 at Alexis Park will be featured the FJ Genuin 3 Horn Loudspeaker along with electronics from Art Audio

+++ Oct 10-13. 2008 Hudson Audio will be exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest with Red Wine Audio Oct. 10th thru 13th 2008 in room 543. We will be featuring the Scheu-Analog wooden version of the Diamond turntable!

+++ Apr 4-6. 2008 Hudson Audio, Red Wine Audio, and Omega Loudspeaker Systems will be displaying in room 907 at the Son and Image Festival in Montreal on April 4th to 6th 2008. Please stop in to see what we have on display.

+++ Jan 7-10. 2008 Hudson Audio Imports will be exhibiting in room 29-331 at the Venitian for CES 2008, Jan 7-10, 2008. On display will be Audiopath Cables, Bluenote, FJ speakers and Scheu-Analog turntables.

+++ Oct 12-14. 2007 Hudson Audio will be exhibiting with Symposium Acoustics and Emotive Audio in room 550 at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest October 12,13, and 14 2007 in Denver Colorado. Please stop by and see us if you can attend.

+++ May 11-13. 2007 Hudson Audio will be exhibiting at the Stereophile show in NYC with Red Wine Audio and Omega Loudspeaker Systems May 11,12, and 13th, 2007. On display will be Audiopath and Omegaudio cabling. Come by and visit us in room #1533.

+++ Apr. 13-15. 2007 Hudson Audio will be exhibiting with Art Audio and Gill Audio Design at the Montreal Sound and image Show in room 907 from April 13th through April 15th 2007. Please feel free to join us there!

+++ Mar. 17. 2007 Hudson Audio Imports is the new Bluenote distributor. Bluenote is from Italy and they make integrated amps, turntables, cd players, and speakers. Product information coming soon to this website.

+++ Jan. 8-11. 2007 Hudson Audio Imports will be exhibiting at CES room 3802 Jan 8 thru Jan 11, 2007 at the Ventian, and also at T.H.E. Show in the San Tropez room 1204 during the same time. On display will be Audiopath, Allaerts Bluenote, Scheu-Analog, Scheu-Benz, Schroeder.

+++ Oct 20-22. 2006 Come join Hudson Audio Imports along with Art Audio and Omega Loudspeakers in room 9007 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver Colorado.

+++ May. 6-7. 2006 Hudson Audio Imports will be exhibiting at the Vacuum Tube Valley Expo in Piscataway, New Jersey.

+++ Apr. 03. 2006 Now available from Hudson Audio Imports is the new Black Cube 2006. An improved version of the well received original Black Cube phono stage. Also the Black Cube Decade is now available for the North American market.

+++ Mar. 24-26. 2006 Hudson Audio Imports will be exhibiting at the Montreal Son and Image Festival.

+++ Jan. 05-08. 2006 Hudson Audio Imports will be exhibiting at T.H.E Show with Nat Distribution in Las Vegas from Jan 5 through Jan 8 2006. Come visit us in rooms 1002-1004.

+++ Please visit Red Wine Audio, Omega Loudspeakers, and Hudson Audio Technology at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest -- Room 7924 - September 30, October 1 & 2, 2005 - Marriott Tech Center, Denver, Colorado.

+++ Apr. 01. 2005 Hudson Audio Imports will be at the Sound and Image show in Montreal April 1st to 3rd. Come visit us along with Omegaloudspeakers and others at the Delta Hotel, room 715.

+++ Dec. 01. 2004 Hudson Audio Imports to widen product portfolio. The well known turntables of Thomas Scheu are now distributed in the US by Hudson Audio Imports. With this step Hudson Audio Imports can supply a complete analog signal chain.

+++ Nov. 01.2004
Hudson Audio Imports take over the distribution for Moerch tonearms from Denmark and FJ speakers from Denmark.

+++ Feb. 01.2004
Lehmann audio introduces new distributor for the North American markets.


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